Specialty Corrective Lenses

Is one pair of eyeglasses really enough? Try getting a second pair with speciality corrective lenses that make everyday life easier.We experience changing conditions, in both weather and lighting, every single day. Whether you’re dealing with dim light in a small room or bright sunshine bouncing off fresh snow, one pair of glasses is unlikely to be able to keep pace with the variety of situations you may find yourself in.

In addition, patients in need of corrective eyeware, whether glasses or contact lenses, may be at a higher risk for other eye conditions that can be a result of unhealthy exposure to light or UV rays. For everything thats riding on your eyes, one pair of prescription eyeglasses is not enough to provide you with the optimal viewing experience.

Some options for additional eyeware that could improve your viewing experience and eye health include:

Transitions Lens

clear lenses indoors and at night, with gradually tinting lenses when used outdoor in moderate to bright light. Best all purpose use lenses.

Transitions XTRActive

Slightly tinted at all times, for those with light sensitivity, while also providing the darkest everyday lens for bright light situations


One of the market leaders in polarized lenses, with the best in anti-glare and UV blocking in the industry. Provides the sharpest, truest colors of any lens on the market.

DriveWare Transitions

Color and tint adapts to changing light scenarios in all situations. Designed to be hyper responsive, with optimum color for all day driving conditions.

Be sure that you have eye-ware for every occasion, and help keep you eyes happy and healthy this winter with a pair of prescription sunglasses or transitions. Perrysburg eye center has a variety of fashionable prescription lenses to choose form, to make sure that you have the right option for your eye care needs. Shield your eye from harmful sunlight and UV rays, while helping enhance your vision clarity and improve color and focus with one of our signature eyeglass lines from Transitions, NuPolar or DriveWear.

For more information about our variety of premium prescription lenses, or to see if one of our essential lens choices is right for your next pair of prescription glasses, feel free to ask at your next eye appointment, or call our optical shop directly at (419) 874-3125.