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Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Inspired by timeless chic style.

The Kate Spade style is about being yourself: a matter of authenticity, of consistency and personal elegance.

Choosing a pair of well-made, subtly elegant glasses is an act of self-branding: a way of highlighting a confident, individual and creative vision that transcends fashion. A vision beyond frames that looks for real talent behind design and values accessories as tools that can add authentic beauty and quality to everyday life and work.

The Kate Spade New York collection recalls the ‘60s in both design and color. The ophthalmic sunglass lenses contain many of the fine, distinctive details of Kate Spade’s bags and accessories, with audacious yet sophisticated collections, as well as very attractive, easy-to-wear shapes and typically feminine colors.


Aisha/s is a fitting name for this sassy pair of Kate Spade sunwear. This model features a cat-eye shape, and the Kate Spade logo is displayed on the temple. This frame is also available in a pink and black gingham print — great for a picture-perfect picnic!


The Aisha/s Kate Spade sunwear is so cute, we had to have the ophthalmic version! This is the same frame as the sunglasses, only in colors more complementary to clear lenses. Available in black with animal print inside and dark havana cherry with a burgundy temple.


Jailyn is one sassy little golden nugget of a frame! Sporting a retro cat-eye shape, the Jailyn’s mixed media materials boast a gold metal eye wire and temple with plastic shaped accents that appeal to the retro feeling. Jailyn is available in four colors including black, blue, grey and yellow-red havana; all colors maintain the gold metal hardware.


The sister sunglass frame to the Jailyn! At a little larger size, Jahnam is an easy way to ease into a sassy retro cat-eye shape without committing to full-time wear! Why not rock a funky pair of sunglasses?!

This sunglass frame is also ideal for patients with a higher refractive error. The softer shape and lack of wrap help keep lenses thinner and lighter for higher prescription patients. Available in several colors, including black, blue, dark havana and grey; all colors have gold metal hardware.

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