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The Perrysburg Eye Center Optical Shop

Perrysburg Eye Center wants to welcome you to our full service optical shop staffed with licensed opticians eager to help you find the best eye glasses or contact lenses to meet your needs. With over 40 years of combined experience, Bob Taylor and Tanya Chamberlain and a staff including an ophthalmologist, optometrist and full team of certified and licensed opticians are all ready to help and make sure you’re getting the most out of your eyewear.

Finding the Right Eye Glasses and Frames for You

Our certified and licensed opticians at the Perrysburg Eye Center will be glad to help you find comfortable and fashionable quality eye glasses. The first step to finding the best specialty lenses for you is identifying your face shape from the categories below:

  • Square: broad forehead, prominent jaw, angular
  • Round: round chin, full cheeks, face equal width and length
  • Oval: high cheekbones, chin narrower than forehead
  • Heart: pointed chin, wide forehead, high cheekbones

After you’ve chosen the best eyeglass frames for your needs, keep in mind that Perrysburg Eye Center can also help with additional treatment options like added UV protection, transition lenses or anti-reflective lenses to cut down on lens glare.

No matter which eyeglass frame you choose, we invite you to schedule a convenient appointment at The Perrysburg Eye Center, where our licensed opticians are ready to work with you to find the perfect frames for your needs. Adjustments and repairs are available for free for the entire life of your glasses.

Some of Our Designer Eye Wear Brands Include:

Finding the Best Contact Lenses for You

If you’re looking for the best contact lenses to meet your needs, then the licensed opticians at the Perrysburg Eye Center are here to help. The first step in choosing contact lenses is to determine whether soft or hard RPG lenses are best for you. According to a Case Western study, 9 of 10 contact wearers choose soft contact lenses, as they are often considered to be more comfortable and easier to maintain. However, hard contact lenses can provide sharper vision and are often a good option for users with astigmatism. Once our licensed opticians have helped you decide between soft and hard contact lenses, you have several options as to how often the lenses will need to be replaced:

Daily Wear: contact lenses must be taken out and cleaned every night, and then replaced every few weeks. These lenses are usually the least expensive.
Extended Wear: contact lenses can be worn overnight and only need to be removed for cleaning once per week. While convenient, some professional opticians are hesitant to recommend extended wear contacts as a lack of oxygen to the eye during sleep can lead to a higher likelihood of infection
Disposable: contact lenses are thrown away daily, which eliminates a need for maintenance. Although these are typically more expensive, these are often a good choice for people with allergies or sensitive eyes

Our licensed opticians are dedicated to providing specialized and thorough eye care in the Perrysburg area. Whatever your needs for specialty frames or contact lenses, we invite you to schedule a convenient appointment at The Perrysburg Eye Center, where we are ready to work in partnership with you to find the best fit.

Contact the Perrysburg Eye Center today at (419) 874-3125 to schedule your initial visit and consultation at our conveniently located optical shop.